Sunday, August 16, 2009

God's little miracle Nicolas was born 08/14/09!!

We are so blessed and enjoying every minute God gives us with our very own miracle! Born Friday 8/14/09 at 38 and a half weeks via c section... Nicolas  is nothing short of a complete miracle. He is now over 48 hours old. We are unsure of his future and continue to place that in God's mighty hands. What we do know is that in his first two days he has been weaned off of his oxygen and has excellent oxygen saturation ... usually his monitor stays between 95 and 100..which is so amazing. I will post more about his birth and more pics as time allows. Right now I am going to scoop him back into my arms and love him up. Please pray that he will continue to have a strong airway and that God keeps His hand on all of us. PRAISE GOD .. He has granted us so much more time already than the Drs predicted.