Friday, February 12, 2010

hospital update

We moved to the trach and airway floor 8 days ago. That makes our total hospital stay15 days. Longer than we thought it would be but we are waiting to learn a few more things they want to teach us before we go home. The other issue is that they think that where we are staying is too far from a hospital. It is 54 miles. I told them that we moved 1500 miles to get our son the help that he needed and be able to come home with us on a vent if need be. I left two kids behind, nick left his job, and now we are 20 miles short of being good enough! I also think its a little strange that they would have loved for me to have an abortion, or slowly let him die, but now that we have a trach and vent suddenly they act like they care! I'm sure its more about lawsuits than anything else.We just want our baby P home with us again. To feel like a family again. It feels like forever, and we would love to go home. Another reason they said we cant go home to Florence is that there is no home nursing available there. I made one phone call and found a company that has vent certified nurses looking for work and they work in that area. IT just makes me feel like the hospital didnt try very hard. I try and not be resentful and realize that people are just doing their jobs, but it is hard. Please keep praying for our baby P. He means so much to our family!