Friday, August 31, 2012

Wrapping up a hot summer

It's the last day of August and when you lived in the desert that is a GOOD thing! Summer isn't too bad here really. I equate it to winter in the northwest, meaning there are a few months where outdoor activities are not a good idea. What makes it more tolerable than winter to me is the fact that it is sunny EVERY day! We did get out of the house with Nicolas a few times. Luckily his big sister Allie is his FAVORITE and she is an expert in entertaining him.

She snapped these pics while we were driving around looking at houses

 Nicolas is doing great! He is so amazing. It is hard to describe but it's the most incredible thing seeing him learn and grow. He is cognitively at age level, in other words, his mind works like any typical three year old mind. He has a naughty side. He likes choosing the wrong answer when his teachers/therapists question him on colors or animals, something he obviously knows the answer to! He kind of squints his eyes and chooses the incorrect one as he looks out of the corner of his squinted eyes at them to get a reaction. It's super funny. I just realized he is confusing the gobble gobble of a turkey ...he thinks we are saying gabba gabba, from the children's show "Yo Gabba Gabba" . We wondered why he was making a certain sign after signing turkey during the song he would change his sign to one that looked like jazz hands by his cheeks. I had no clue what he was trying to say as he signed that sign and we sang "with a gobble gobble here, and a gobble gobble there" UNTIL he was choosing a netflix movie and when Yo Gabba Gabba appeared on the screen and I looked at him and he was signing yes yes, and the jazz hands by the face sign. It clicked in my head that he was signing Gabba Gabba for Gobble Gobble... LOL I am not sure I made that clear or not but just trust me it's adorable! ;)

Nicolas playing with the fire truck his
big brother Ollie gave him!