Friday, October 16, 2009

2 months of late nights and lots of lovin'

This looks like a smile to me!! He is so much cuter than his pictures but I thought this one was cute!I cant believe that our little Nicolas has lived for 2 months! We feel so blessed to have had this time with him.. We of course pray that we will have a lot more time with him! It's an interesting thing having a child that isn't expected to live. From the time he was born I wanted to hold him every second as we were told he would most likely live for only an hour. I never wanted to put him down. The first few nights I just held him all night. When we realized he wasn't going to die immediately I started realizing I would have to sleep at some point and would put him down for a few hours at night so I could sleep. I am still in that mode, I put him down at night because I have to sleep. Other than that I hold him almost constantly. It is obvious by how messy the house is getting and how empty our fridge is! I can't take him out because we don't want him exposed to anything that might harm him( swine flu, colds, etc.) We do have to take him to the nicu twice a week for weight checks. I don't go by myself because it is a lot to haul, him in his carbed, the oxygen, the oximeter, the diaper bag... so I usually wait until Nick is off work and we go together. Lately our little peanut has been quite crabby. We think it is due to reflux. It's sad because he gets all congested and starts having a hard time catching his breath. He arches his back and screams! Right now our nine year old is holding the baby... thanks Oliver.. it gives me the time to get on here and do a quick post! I better go, thanks to those of you that have commented, I want to write back to you but have not had the time. Take care all... Lots of love....Jenna

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  1. Isn't he just the most precious thing you ever saw?? I LOVE LOVE LOVE him so much
    Love and Kisses