Monday, November 29, 2010

Gtube surgery next week- PLEASE PRAY

Dec.6th Nicolas is going to have his gtube surgery. He is also going to have his trach upsized as well. I am so nervous. I struggle with fearing the worst.Please pray for Nicolas to do come through all of this ok. Pray for guidance for his medical team. The procedures he is having done are simple but he is complex! Our little guy is so strong. He is such a joy. Pray that I am strong enough to actually take him into the surgery..I want to hide him under my blankets and snuggle with him forever!


  1. I come by and check on y'all every so often. I am in prayer specifically for you for you starting RIGHT NOW!!!

    Emily in Greensboro, NC

  2. When will P have his surgery now Jen? Love you guys so much! Garrett's surgery is on the 22nd, an older baby, but he's my baby still hehe. Love you!

  3. Hi .. I also have a daughter with skeletal dysplasia Campomelic. Today she is 7 months and is super good. And his son? How are you? It's hard to find people who have Campomelic. Go to our blog so you can see some pictures of my princess. I'm from Brazil, so the blog is in Portuguese. Hugs. Priscilla.

  4. Please let us know what happened with the surgery. The silence makes me fear the worst.

  5. I understand everything that you are going thru. I have a daughter with diastrophic dysplasia who was in the NICU for 4 months and had a trach and g-tube placed at 1 month. It has been really hard but God has given us the strenght to help our daughter get thru all this and God will give you guys strenght too! Please email me if you want to share about our little angels!! Your sweet Nicolas is in our prayers.